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School Navigator Update #29

To date, 18 schools have at least begun to fill in their profile! We're excited for more responses to trickle in. Specific updates below:

— Victor worked on fixing the photo upload features - in the coming days he plans to update the survey such that schools can upload the photo themselves. — Nicole will send an update to the reminder email to include the note about photos - the reminder is planned to go out next meeting (7/26) to give appropriate time for people who haven't started to get the survey in. (Currently due 7/29) — Basia, Bendte, and Lauren were doing a "card sorting" design exercise to help enhance the user experience on the website. — Lauren Hirsch and John Fredrickson got added to the github. — Alex and John were working on integrating the charter listing page to link to/be consistent with the other school listings. — Seth followed up to get a codeforamerica domain for an email address for the project team. — Jeremy worked on a link from the mini-profile to main profile on the search results. — David continued to assess NCDPI data.

Thanks to all!

Posted on by Nicole Page

Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #12

Here are some highlights of what we accomplished tonight:

We decided on a target audience we're going to focus on as the users for the firs draft of the site — Councilpeople of Durham.

We cleaned up the waffle board, and created several new waffle tickets.

We created a wiki page for running the site locally on OSX. We'll continue to build out documentation using the wiki.

We resolved 1 UI ticket re: the placeholder mobile header "Business Casual" with our "Affordable Housing" header.

We started work on determining how to integrate the pyzillow client for the Zillow api to gather data.

Posted on by Ron Stebelton

School Navigator Update #28

We launched the School Profile Survey to DPS tonight!!!

  • Victor reviewed and merged outstanding PR's
    • adds the link to school report cards (Rolf)
    • Add feeder school status to profile and survey (Jeremy)
  • Victor, Rolf, and Jeremy fixed issues blocking survey launch

    • Add CC emails to charter
    • Ask for an emailed picture in survey
    • Rolf and Nicole edited and finalized survey emails for launch to DPS and Charter Schools
    • Nicole set up schoolnavigatorteam gmail account for the survey communication
    • Victor set the survey due date to match the letter from DPS to all pricipals
  • Seth and Nicole uploaded all public school principal email addresses in preparation for survey launch

  • Nicole launched survey to DPS schools
  • Sarah followed up with Lisa Stella at the Charter School Collaborative to send email out to charter school principal
    • Nicole, Jeremy, & Sarah will launch the survey to the charters consistent with the feedback from Lisa
  • Sarah and Basia discussed potential options for another round of user testing to refine information architecture of profile
  • Sarah and Basia made a recommendation of how we should link the profiles to the map view page
  • Seth reached out to the code for America team to get a Code for Durham email domain (
  • David worked on statistical analysis of public school data; David and William discussed the data

Tonight was Sarah's last night at Code for Durham, Thank You for all you have done for the School Navigator project. We wish you the best and will miss you.

Posted on by Jeremy Freeman

End Hunger Durham Update #1

Kathyrn Jackson is my champion! At this tuesday's Code for Durham sessions she used my database to create pages on the End Hunger Durham website for kids summer meals sites and a map - a great resource for families and service providers!

Posted on by Kate Young

National Day of Civic Hacking 2016 - Planning NDoCH Recap (Jason HIbbets)

More than 50 civic hackers attended the “Sprints for All” event organized by Code for Durham one June 4. There were five projects that attendees gathered around and made progress on during the sprint. Two projects were prepared in advance and facilitated by the organizers (School Navigator and Citygram) while the other three projects wear pitched at the event.

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School Navigator Update #27

  • @ammraleigh (Ann) committed updates to the School Guide page table
  • @BobbyBarbeau started a separate charter school email template
  • @RolfBates added a migration to add a standardized state_id to Schools. This can be used to add state data to schools.
  • @elynch (Ellen) fixed collapsing of school info on map search page
  • @schpatel (Seth) started to set up email account for durham school web domain. Will flesh out outreach plan for real estate agents.
  • @npage915 (Nicole) Working with Jeremy on figuring out special case charter schools. Multiples location or multiple school leaders. Added new schools.
  • @jtf621 (Jeremy) worked on adding relationships to the School model to represent schools "feeding" other schools.
  • In the last week @basiacoulter and @bendte worked on a plan for a round of UX improvements. They worked on a plan for reaching out to the community and A/B testing multiple options.

Posted on by Alex Lemann

School Navigator Update #26

  • Planning for National Civic Day of Hacking
  • Go to the Meetup to sign up to be here there with us
  • Triaged lots of tickets.
  • Cleaned out Phase 2 & 2.5 to cover only those items needed for public launch of new profiles & surveys
  • Created new Phase 3 with a set of Phase 3 goals
  • gturmel onboarded into Github & Angular
  • Profile page changes + coming soon (Victor)
  • Merged line breaks & changes (Victor)
  • Systems administration due to broken dependencies (Victor)


  • Narrow scope of Phase 3
  • Planning doc for Civic Day of Hacking (Jeremy)
    • Background

Posted on by Alex Lemann

School Navigator Update #25

Cleaned up, tested, and fixed issues for Phase 2:

  • cleaned issue backlog (Alex)
  • fixed broken date in email template (Alex)
  • fixed 6 issues on profile page (Victor)
  • set up coming soon tags on profile (Victor)
  • testing and updating sample profile (Sarah)
  • updated links in school list to point to profile (Victor)
  • corresponded with DPS on next steps to launch survey to principals (Sarah)
  • set up email bounces (Colin)
  • fixed 2 issues on profile/survey page (Jeremy)
  • worked on preserving breaks in long survey text (Jeremy)
  • got front end development environment setup and tarted on an issue (Terry)
  • planning for Jun 4 Civic Day of Hacking (Alex, Adam, team)

Posted on by Jeremy Freeman