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Latest Project Activity

School Navigator Update #19

  • Fixed a couple of backlog Issues (Jeremy, Squiggs)
  • Attempted to scraped data from PDF for Principles for each school (Chris K)
  • Working on front end issues in to improve centering on schools (Squiggs)
  • Working on phase 2 School Profile backend (Jeremy)

Posted on by Adam Martin

Bike Safety Application Update #11

Dane & Mark crafted a letter to Michael Stierhoff, and mailed it out. Responded to feedback from Bike Durham group. Brian did some general exploratory analysis of the dataset in R.

Posted on by Dane Summers

Bike Safety Application Update #10

Mark & Dane crafted a letter to ask other bicycle advocacy groups support for a request for bicycle & pedestrian accidents reported to the city and county police.

Posted on by Dane Summers

School Navigator Update #18

  • Unique URL for SchoolSurveys (Alex)
  • Fixed UserSnap integration (Alex)
  • Survey of fields for manual scraping of school pages (Sarah)
  • School Guide page (James)
  • Worked on school profile page (Squiggs)

Posted on by Alex Lemann

Open Data Policing NC Update #2

  • Attendees: Dylan, Dean, Andy and Elijah
  • Loaded 100,000+ Fayetteville geographic datapoints in json format to repo
  • Set up two new local instances

Posted on by Adam Martin

Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #5

  • Merged new Data Browser to master repo
  • Downloaded ACS data for Durham
  • Started consuming JSON files
  • Worked on parsing txt to csv data visualization catalog

Posted on by Adam Martin

School Navigator Update #17

  • onboarded new team members
  • refined fields for school profile
  • pulled together information for a sample profile to collect user feedback
  • began several UX tweaks including #235 lighting up the school icon on the map when you hover over the school name in the drop down list
  • inputted remaining user feedback from Nov survey into github

Posted on by Sarah Martin