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Latest Project Activity

School Navigator Update #26

  • Planning for National Civic Day of Hacking
  • Go to the Meetup to sign up to be here there with us
  • Triaged lots of tickets.
  • Cleaned out Phase 2 & 2.5 to cover only those items needed for public launch of new profiles & surveys
  • Created new Phase 3 with a set of Phase 3 goals
  • gturmel onboarded into Github & Angular
  • Profile page changes + coming soon (Victor)
  • Merged line breaks & changes (Victor)
  • Systems administration due to broken dependencies (Victor)


  • Narrow scope of Phase 3
  • Planning doc for Civic Day of Hacking (Jeremy)
    • Background

Posted on by Alex Lemann

School Navigator Update #25

Cleaned up, tested, and fixed issues for Phase 2:

  • cleaned issue backlog (Alex)
  • fixed broken date in email template (Alex)
  • fixed 6 issues on profile page (Victor)
  • set up coming soon tags on profile (Victor)
  • testing and updating sample profile (Sarah)
  • updated links in school list to point to profile (Victor)
  • corresponded with DPS on next steps to launch survey to principals (Sarah)
  • set up email bounces (Colin)
  • fixed 2 issues on profile/survey page (Jeremy)
  • worked on preserving breaks in long survey text (Jeremy)
  • got front end development environment setup and tarted on an issue (Terry)
  • planning for Jun 4 Civic Day of Hacking (Alex, Adam, team)

Posted on by Jeremy Freeman

School Navigator Update #24

We met today and got a lot done, including:

  • Major SES/Emailing improvements (Colin)
  • Updated School Profile & Survey Form Templates (Alex + Sarah)
  • Fixed creating new schools in the admin (Jeremy)
  • Fixed huge security hole in API permissions (Jeremy)
  • Fixed Submit Date for new surveys (me)
  • Created a new Resend Survey admin action (me)
  • Updates to the school profile (Victor)
  • Developer documentation improvements for running front-end + backend locally (Colin)
  • Added Jeremy to production server (Jeremy + Colin)
  • Setup default field values in survey/profile for specific fields depending on type of school (Victor)

Outstanding items for launch: More QA & Testing!

There's a sample schools: You can set your email to the principal email. Send yourself a survey. Fill it out. We will be using that sample school as a demo in our meeting next Tuesday at 9am….

Sarah, Colin, and Jeremy also had a productive meeting with DPS this week. Here are the notes:

We will be at the meeting of school principals next week to demo the project and ask for everyone to fill out the survey.

Posted on by Alex Lemann

Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #10

  • Added a new graph for the ACS Gross Rent Percent Household Income ** The graphs were pretty cluttered ** Experimented with line, bar, stacked bar ** Experimented with rolling some of the data up ** Was pretty easy for Ron to manipulate the data and show visualizations locally

  • Worked with Sarah to bring her up to speed on the project and bounced ideas around with her to see if we could come up with a good way to show the data

  • Sarah had a great question - "What story do we want to tell?"


  • Need to be able to have others run the site locally
  • Need to deploy the site hosted externally
  • Need get a good grasp on the visualizations we want

Posted on by Ron Stebelton

Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #9

  • Created new, simpler application stack for exploring data (moved away from SF housing hub template)
  • Created Slack Channel for better remote, real time communications
  • Scheduled SME interviews with Karen Lado (Durham Aff Housing Consultant) & had call with Shoshana (Commercial Real Estate Professional)
  • Proved dynamic usage of Durham Portal data
  • Established process
  • Onboarded Jen H - Welcome!

Next Steps

  • Get current app hosted on GH pages (Ron)
  • Documenting latest app version in Github (Ron)
  • Create well-formed data for some new graphs (Ben)
  • Discuss strategy/priorities with Karen Lado (Adam)
  • Give UI feedback (Jen)

Posted on by Adam Martin

School Navigator Update #23

  • reviewed UI on touch/phone (Rosa)
  • reviewed state test data consolidated by David
  • tested production app and noted issues with WG Pearson shape file (Will)
  • worked on NC teaching working conditions survey data cleaning
  • more work on school profile survey design (Sarah)

Posted on by Jeremy Freeman

Bike Safety Application Update #14

We worked on fleshing out the 'user contributed data' milestone:

  • Brian worked on analyzing data - he's been working on a shiny app of the analysis (the clustering table at the bottom is pretty interesting):
  • Dane & Peter worked an adding more data to the map; added more tickets to the system.
  • Dane reached out to the NCDOT about updates to the data; he is going to follow up with them about obtaining a bulk dataset of pedestrian accidents.

Posted on by Dane Summers