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Latest Project Activity

School Navigator Update #32

  • Merged pull requests from last two meetings and gave feedback.
  • Deployed master to production
  • Began working on scraper for teacher satisfaction survey
  • Setting up meetings with DPS & the charter school collaborative
  • Finalized script for school profile page usability testing
  • Built user survey about school profile page

Posted on by Alex Lemann

Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #5

We dropped the Oakland adopt-a-drain (looks too old).

We investigated the San Francisco adopt-a-drain project; we got it running, but we've barely started loading Durham drain data.

If we use the SF based project we discussed what to use for the frontend (currently jQuery) going forward.

Posted on by Dane Summers

NC School Monitor Update #1

  • Brian got the Makefile running (on ubuntu) to download and clean disag data and start to explore locally.
  • Got Lisa on github
  • deep discussion between all on what the data can tell us and the possible ways to display.

Posted on by Jeremy Freeman

NC Food Inspector Update #1

-Jonathan worked on adding Wake County data to existing NC Food Inspector database. Data integration will be complete after questions are answered by Carter because there seems to be duplicate data and missing establishments. -Jonathan sent Slack invitations to team members from City Camp
-Janet added revised versions of the risk factor icons to Trello for integration into the existing site

Posted on by Janet Danforth

Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #4

  • We onboarded: Maria, Kristen and Earl.
  • Forked oakland's adopt-a-drain to codefordurham.
  • Kristen and Earl worked on setting up the oakland adopt-a-drain

Posted on by Dane Summers

School Navigator Update #31

  • Alice reviewed and analyzed school profile responses and compiled them into a Google Doc
  • Nathan started adding teacher working conditions data to the database
  • David and Jeremy reviewed new state accountability data
  • Grant and Jonathan continued work on associated schools to state IDs

Posted on by Colin Copeland

Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #2

  • We forked a codeforamerica project -
  • Greg and Dane joined the project.
  • We planned the next two milestones
  • Sean is close to getting the data into the Durham data portal.

Posted on by Dane Summers

School Navigator Update #30

Great work today by all - thanks to everyone for joining!

  • Basia, Lauren, Bendte – worked on designing a usability test for the new user interface design
  • Nicole, Alex – worked on identifying and reaching out to schools who hadn’t started the survey — Nicole followed up with the lists to Chip at DPS and Laura at the Charter Collaborative to send a gentle reminder to these schools; once sent a survey with an updated link will be sent (by Nicole)
  • Graham – made an update to the project setup documentation
  • Jonathan – worked with Basia to make tab interface functional in the new design page; pushed a branch to add tabs to the school’s page that has a neighborhood tab
  • David – discussed potential displays of datasets to allow for ease of understanding for families with varying backgrounds

Posted on by Nicole Page

Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #1

-Established focus for the first phase of the application.

-Onboarded Ellie who reviewed websites from other cities who have Adopt a Drain programs.

-Janet sketched ideas for the interface and site flow:

-Sean McKnight helped us query a service to the location of all of the storm drains.

-Ilgar is analyzing the source code and looking into the Github forks of the other active projects.

Posted on by Janet Danforth