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Latest Project Activity

Bike Safety Application Update #6

Latest updates:

  • Close to finishing Milestone #1 (
  • We are planning Milestone #2 (!).
  • Setup two more member's dev systems for the project.
  • Met with the Freewheeling NC project (discussing coordination ideas).

Posted on by Dane Summers

School Navigator Update #9

  • Sarah worked on adding mission statements to schools
  • Jeremy is automating attendance data input
  • Squiggs emailed education related community groups & is working on a key for the school list
  • Victor removed school list page. Added hours and renamed description -> mission statement. Frontend now shows mission statements.

Posted on by Alex Lemann

School Navigator Update #8

  • Squiggs' first merge
  • Reorganizing the ticket tracker to focus on Phase I / Phase II
  • Colin manually merged two Club Blvd school records
  • Discussions about next steps for adding additional school data:
  • Planning for surveying parents about how they would use this tool

Posted on by Alex Lemann

Bike Safety Application Update #5

We have a new member, and have fully migrated the project over to github. Project highlights:

  • Fixed scrolling on the 'add accident' page.
  • Added all tasks to github issues; added a milestone for finishing the 'add accident' feature.
  • Setup continuous deployment to heroku.
  • Setup testing framework for the project (jasmine).

Posted on by Dane Summers

Bike Safety Application Update #4

Added the ability for users to add their own accidents to the map.

Next steps: * Refine the 'add accident' feature (add some dialogs, take date/time information). * Migrate tasks to github

Posted on by Dane Summers

Bike Safety Application Update #3

We're currently in the process of adding a 'add accident' feature to the application.


  • migrated from google maps to leaflet.
  • added coloring by accident metrics.
  • server side accident/road coloring (its faster now!).

Posted on by Adam Martin

School Navigator Update #5

  • Onboarded d-griffin-dev (angular/frontend) & kyleg0 (data importing)
  • Added school URLs to API
  • Added email address link in docs
  • Reviewed outstanding backend issues

Posted on by Alex Lemann