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Latest Project Activity

School Navigator Update #5

  • Onboarded d-griffin-dev (angular/frontend) & kyleg0 (data importing)
  • Added school URLs to API
  • Added email address link in docs
  • Reviewed outstanding backend issues

Posted on by Alex Lemann

School Navigator Update #3

  • Made the house location on map draggable to new locations (more dynamic browsing/results)
  • Added Distance to Schools from house on map - in api and Ui
  • Integrated Magnet school data (w grade_min / grade_max) from GIS
  • Bug fixes

Posted on by Adam Martin

School Navigator Update #2

  • Fixes: map doesn't load most of the time.
    • New: each address has a unique url that can be shared.
    • New: School detail page (currently blank, I need business for page design)
    • New: Hovering over a school on the left panel highlights it on the map.
    • New: Left panel's schools are now clickable (school detail page)
    • Remove the 'all' tab.

Posted on by Adam Martin

School Navigator Update #1

  • Removed selected school district when a tab is clicked.
  • Added new classes to the school icon to allow for better styling
  • Uncovered the reason why the option tab is not showing the list of school: the data is malformatted.

Posted on by Victor Rocha