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Latest Project Activity

Ron Stebelton Affordable Housing (Data Hub) Update #14

There have been lots of starts and stops to this project over time. So, reframing this as the Data Hub project with Affordable Housing as the first implementation of the Data Hub.

Here is a link to some new specification documentation. I can easily fill out the back-end service specifications and add waffle tickets to coordinate. We will want to add a front-end developer to help define the technology direction of the front end.

I will also move forward with setting up an AWS account and explore the free tier.

Lauren Hirsh School Navigator Update #35

At the 12/13 meeting, Basia worked on converting profile change recommendations into Github issues. Jeremy, Alex, Nicole and Lauren discussed immediate next steps for the project. Lauren, Basia and newcomer Vallyre went over the profile design change recommendations.

Immediate next steps (thanks Nicole!):

Task Owner
Email Chip (DPS) and Lisa (Charter School Collaborative) to give update; Provide list of schools who have not participated Nicole
Add in teacher satisfaction links Nicole
Assess state of ancillary pages (i.e. not profile pages) to determine what needs to be changed All
Remove the “alpha”
Work on inputting updates to profile page from usability testing Basia, Lauren
Work on revised profile page design mockups Vallyre, Lauren
Identify marketing opportunities All
Fix the map feature on the updated profile pages Victor
Look into Spanish translation options Alex
Work on accessibility assessment Lauren
Remove 'Sample DPS school' from school names in the updated profile pages
QA Testing on mobile All

Janet Danforth NC Food Inspector Update #3

-Icons for risk factor data are active for Wake County data. They are darker when there are more violations for that risk factor. -Descriptions for each risk factor display on the restaurant detail page.

Jeremy Freeman School Navigator Update #34

  • Bendte, Basia, and Kesley, have gone through the screen capture and various people's notes from usability testing sessions on the school profile page, and we have combined them into a recommendations document.

  • Kesley will start turning those bullet points into GitHub issues. Bendte and Basia will help as needed, and anyone else is welcome to jump in. So hopefully we can start getting some of this stuff done.

Dane Summers Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #8

Preteek, Dane, Kristen, Toughee worked on onboarding - setting up their dev envirments.

Rebranded most of the main website (Toughee). Fixed the data importing script (Preteek & Dane).

Updated Demo with latest data dump.

Jeremy Freeman NC School Monitor Update #2

  • David reviewed his Duke Stats class project with the disag data. More to come over the next month
  • added Amy to the project and set up local dev env.
  • added issues to github
  • set plan to make a composite score to display about each school.

Ildar Sagdejev Adopt a Drain, Park, Etc.... Update #6

After comparing openoakland/adopt-a-drain vs sfbrigade/adopt-a-drain ( see diff: ) we made the decision to base our work on the San Francisco project.

Our new repository:

I am now continuing work on making the app fully customizable, so that anybody can fork our project and customize it for their specific location without touching the main source files.

Meanwhile, Dane Summers has made headway in parsing the CSV file containing a sample of Durham's storm drain locations.

Janet Danforth NC Food Inspector Update #2

We are a NC Datapalooza finalist after a successful pitch at All Things Open!

-Wake County data is displaying the same as Durham's on the live website -Risk factor data for Wake is in the database -Icons are added to the templates in GitHub and will be deployed once there's logic to only display icons if risk factor data exists -Discovered risk factor data can be connected to existing violations so counties that do not currently track risk factors can still display them